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* Indoor Air Quality Assessments

* Indoor mold assessments and remedial protocols

* Post remedial verification and clearance assessments

* Indoor bacterial sampling

* Fire and smoke damage assessments

* Building forensics

* Mal odor detection

* Expert mold report analysis

Residential Inspections for Buyers and Sellers

Think you have mold?

Mold is everywhere! Don’t be led to fear! Not just because mold is in your home does that mean that all is lost.

Allergen Testing

Indoor Environmental Detection and Testing Services. Certified indoor mold and allergen testing serving ALL South Florida.

Got Chinese Drywall?

Not just because copper has black coloring does it mean that it is “Chinese Drywall”…and more over not just because you see “CHINA” on the drywall does it mean it is “Corrosive” drywall.

Healthy Homes. Healthy Families.

Clean Air Starts Here!

IAQCorp assesses and tests for the source of an Indoor Air Quality Complaint so it can be resolved accurrately. We perform CERTIFIED Mold and IAQ investigative and testing services, as well as Fire, Water, and Corrosive “Chinese” and Reactive Drywall Forensics for residential, educational, and commercial environments.

Our Step By Step scientific approach to our environmental testing and forensic services is designed and followed to minimize personal exposure to harmful environmental toxins.

Step By Step during the inspection, testing, and reporting, we will take the time to answer each question you may have. In the end, we want you to understand the what, where, why, and how of the process.

For faster service please, tell us more so we can serve you better…

    • Certified Inspectors

    • Digital Reporting

    • Thermal Imaging

    • No Conflict of Interest

    • Bactering/Mold Testing

    • 24 Hour Lab Results

    • Serving SE Florida

    Coverage Area


    When arranging for an inspection, simply include in your purchase offer the following wording: “Purchase subject to a professional building inspection satisfactory to the buyer”.


    Without a doubt, this is the best time for a home inspection for all involved. All too often an inspection is performed as a final contingency of a sale with little time to absorb its impact. Any reported deficiencies at this time of high emotional stress can easily be blown out of proportion causing an over reaction and possibly the death of the deal. People are far more receptive to such deficiencies when they are disclosed to them up front.


    1. Carpeting in bathrooms is a big No-No.

    2. Repair water leaks in your roof, windows, or any other part of the home immediately.

    3. Make sure other areas around your foundation are graded so that rainwater does not flow toward the house.

    4. If you have a clothes dryer, make sure it is properly vented to the outdoors


    1. NEVER hire a mold removal contractor who provides his own testing services or vice-versa.

    2. Don’t fall for mold removal contractors providing the Clearance Certificate. Get your own!

    3. Be sure your inspector in unbiased!

    4. Ask your inspector if any of the referrals will renumerate his company if you select them for the cleanup process.